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How About a “Public Instance” ?!

I will keep on rumbling from time to time on the topic of evolved PvE and how games should “reset” back to the EQ experience and grow it in new and innovative directions. Today I want to target the concepts … Continue reading

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The PvE Challenge

Hey. I keep playing with both RIFT beta (I have also bought the retail digital copy) and EQ. These two game seem to portray the evolution of PvE over the past decade. Or as some would argue the lack of … Continue reading

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EQ – an Old Surprise

Old EQ has some new buz around it lately with the a new “progression” server opening in March. People are considering this server as an opportunity to enjoy the almost endless content the game has to offer – all together … Continue reading

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Hello world!

A blog is born … Hey there – I am probably writing for myself at this point. But what the heck … In this blog I will discuss my experience in the MMORPG world, as well as other genre such … Continue reading

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