Quick Thoughts About Action PvP

I am surely going to expand on this topic in the future but just as a quick note – the industry is totally heading these days the path of the action based combat. I don’t argue that its not a fun genre, and for many action based games are exactly what they look for. My recent posts addressed what I see as a different approach to traditional non action based PvE. But it is sad that from the same non-innovative reasons PvP is turning into action based solutions.

I always thought that PvP could be interesting. Who doesn’t like playing chess with a friend. And Magic the Gathering is also a nice system. Why couldn’t the studios develop PvP into the opposite then? Something that lasts longer, requires more strategy and doesn’t rely on how fast one can click a button per second. I acknowledge that I oversimplify DCUO for instance. But still its almost mindless if compared with what a system such as the one I suggest could look like. Naturally PvP needs different strategy elements than PvE. But the possibility of strategic combat is almost endless. It is also going to resemble more the way we fantasize about it – as described in many of our favorite books. Sure – some battles are a one hit encounter, but the epic ones could take much longer. It also opens the door for a lot of team options.

I like the GW2 combat ideas where abilities can be linked – like when shotting an arrow through a fire ring can get the arrows to have +fire damage. Now make combat longer – add blocks, walls, and whatever strategy elements you can think of – and in my opinion you got a perfect solution. In some PvP games like EVE you can find pretty cool idea for that actually. More on that soon.

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