Diablo III is a Good Pass Time

Blizzard just sent their apologies to all of us who purchased their game close to release. Error 37 will be remembered for a long time as one of the signs for a really badly designed release by Blizzard. 

The fact that there is no “just single player mode” in D3 is a HUGE flop by their designers! So huge that it would have prevented me from buying the game, if only GW2 was out already. But as we pass the time online till the real release of the year is ready, I must admit that when D3 is up and running the game is decent for a brainless hack and slash. My friend Trenzor and I find it entertaining and enjoyable to pass our time.

I will share more on D3 as we progress, but my recommendation is to still buy D3 over anything else that we have tried lately (till GW2 is out).

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