Please, Stop Telling Me What To Do! (or the demise of the quest log)

There are times when you know that you are bothered with something in your game play and you just can’t put your finger on it. Such was my 13 year old experience with online games till GW2 has arrived. But ever since playing GW2 I can accurately tell you what pushed me away eventually from all of these games. It wasn’t boredom, no I don’t think so. It was being bound to the game’s expectation of what I can and can’t do, or even worse the game telling me what to do at every given moment.

In essence this story is best told by my recent short experience with Tera. My friend and I seek pass time till GW2 and we decided to experiment and have fun with whatever is available. So we picked up Tera and gave it a shot for a week. I will address its combat in a different post, and I must admit that its refreshing and different. But after just a week, with good impression on combat and graphics, I decided to move on. I just couldn’t bare managing a quest log!

With over 10 quests in my log at a time and the mostly linear advancement on the map, the game just felt like a chore. It was that familiar stressful experience which we all know that well from WoW and other games, where the game just lets you know what you need to do, and you the hero have to keep on satisfying its never ending demands. So honestly I couldn’t bare the bureaucratic nature of questing and keeping track of what I am expected to do.

I don’t think that GW2 is the perfect solution. Nope. But it definitely moved the industry few steps towards the right direction. I love the idea of pausing, and deciding on my own. Maybe I want to try and go ahead of my expected advancement and try tougher encounters. Maybe I just want to explore and get rewarded for it. Maybe I want to get back to places and tasks that I liked doing, and re-experience them. Maybe I can hang out for hours without looking even once at a quest log!

GW2 ruined MMORPGs for me. In the past I think that I could have been much happier with games like Tera. Now, that I have seen how things could be done differently its a whole new ball game. Its also the main reason I am not even trying TSW (for now anyway), as the reviews portrayed the classic quest book there as well.

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