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TSW Head Start Beginning This Friday (for some)

While release is next Tue, people who pre-ordered may get access this Fri. That said its not certain and depends on how long its takes for them to let in all the people who pre-ordered it before you. Their rep … Continue reading

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TSW, 15 BWE Hours, Revised Review and Final Recommendation

Yep I have done it. I left the blog and got down to business with a 15 hour run over the weekend through The Secret World. I managed to run through most of Solomon Island’s Kingsmouth and part of the Savage … Continue reading

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GW2 Stress Test June 27th

We learned today that GW2 will embrace us with 4 hours of fun next Wednesday, June 27th, starting 1pm EST. I will not be able to log at that time, but I bet most of you are already making plans … Continue reading

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What’s Next?

Well I have been thinking. I got a lot of feedback on the fact that I might have judged TSW too quickly. I will dive into it again this weekend. This time with potentially two friends, for which Funcom extended … Continue reading

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D3 is not Designed for “Fun”

I posted few weeks ago about how D3 is a good pass time. And it was. In the early days while working out the normal levels I found D3 to be entertaining and rewarding. Then came the nightmare level and … Continue reading

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GW2 Blog Talking Fun

Recommending the latest GW2 blog post by Colin Johanson. Here is a small paragraph about how items will not get you more powerful: “Fun impacts loot collection. The rarest items in the game are not more powerful than other items, so you … Continue reading

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TSW Needs Deck Validation AI

Just a humble opinion based on my recent run with TSW. I love the way they publish new pre-made decks recently and I like the way you can test them in-game before going out to combat. But I think that … Continue reading

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