GW2 Zones and Leveling

I am in withdrawal for sure after the past weekend and the ton of GW2 goodness that accompanied it. It was everything that I thought it would be, and I am definitely learning more and more about the game.

Some people (not that many though) seem to be wanting to criticize the game more than they want to learn about it. I would like to reflect here on some of my leveling experience, helping whoever missed on some of the depth of the game. Please be sure to leave a comment with your own insights too … I surely haven’t learned everything about this wonderful game yet! 

So the first thing that got me to think this weekend was my pace of leveling. I admit that without an XP boost it was initially hard for me to get to new content without being 2 levels or more below the intended level.

What basically got me going was the fact that this game is fun, so I knew that rushing forward was a big mistake in my specific case! So I just decided to enjoy the areas that I already visited and stay a while. Which immediately rewarded me. The game started throwing more dynamic events my way. Even when I was alone in the area (though mostly with other people). It was a ton of fun and I made some additional progress.

Moreover, when I set my mind to enjoy the area, I started exploring and found every now and then hidden caves and even jumping puzzles which contributed indirectly also to my level progression.

On top it suddenly hit me that I have a ton of new skills to grab in the other races starting zones. So at one point where I wanted to consume new content for my level, I just popped into my home city, and traveled by portal to one of the other starting zones (through Lion’s Arch), which proved to be one of my best decisions. Honestly, with only two of these tree zones, I have progressed far beyond my intended level, and when I got back to my original area (few hours later!), I was happy to see that I have progressed at least 2-3 levels ahead of the curve. The game is so fun as you automatically get your level adjusted so everything is still very challenging and rewarding.

My take was overwhelming. Content is KING! If you are set to enjoy it the game will reward you. Rushing forward is ok if you have to get to 80 ASAP. But its challenging too in a way, though again by switching to equal level zones, its totally possible. I for one have NO INTENTION buying an XP booster. It would be counter productive to my game style. GW2 has 2 basic things that are game changers for me, … the combat system and the content. And the later seem to be in abundance if you only have the patience to see it. Please share with us your thoughts and insights.

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One Response to GW2 Zones and Leveling

  1. manikmonk says:

    I found just running around a zone exploring and enjoying the events on offer kept me on top of the level curve, next BWE I’ll check out the other zones for skills and more XP. There definitely seems to be a tonne to do, especially with exploration, crafting and gathering rewarding XP in nice chunks too.

    Release cannot come soon enough…

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