Early Thoughts About TSW

Just started out my first session in TSW. As usual I am like a child in a candy store. I am sure that the next one I am going to try is going to be just amazing.

Played for 3 hours now and took some timeout to run and tell …

So I started with character creation naturally and wasn’t amazed or turned off. Just moved ahead and went through the starting sequence and then got eventually to the training room. It did feel like a candy store basically, and I did have fun picking my shotgun. Then I got to Kingsmouth.

I guess that then the real game started. And I have to also start to complain. Quests log management already drove me mad. With a get X put Y and touch Z. That said the settings is very nice. The map is big. And combat is really ok so far. But I just can’t see myself doing these quests.

Bottom line, I will be trying to progress by combat alone in TSW, which might lead me to spend more time there. If that is not a viable game play, then its probably going to be my last weekend with the game. Stay tuned …

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2 Responses to Early Thoughts About TSW

  1. Mmos says:

    Maybe you did not Get the memo. Mmorpg are about quests and story. It makes the game immersive.

    • werewood says:

      Its a good point. But I think that MMORPG is about playing in a game with others even when you solo in a way. And the quests need to be fun thats all. The bring X to Y is boring. To me at least. And managing a log with all of that is too much for me. Maybe I have been tainted by the way GW2 is solving it.

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