Public Questing

Here is a short one to wrap the day here. As you can see in many of my previous posts, lately I have grown to a position that I am not going to play a game that forces me into private questing in a public zone. As I have invested more hours in TSW, I stay strong to this conclusion. There is a price to pay for when demanding public quests. Surely one can not expect a single player experience anymore, where you can advance your quest from step to step on your own, and when it suites you. The quests will advance on its own in a “living” world that is ever changing even after you logout. But … at least then, when you happen to pass by an area and a guy who for some reason can “press that button” so to speak, activates something in the world – you can participate in that event as an equal. In the past few hours I have seen a few cool events happening in TSW, all of which I could not consume equally as others, as they were “not mine”. What RIFT called dynamic events, and what GW2 took to the level of quests, is the only way for me now.

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