My Short Run with TSW – Temporary Conclusion [already updated in newer posts]

Well this is not going to be an easy post for me because I would rather always recommend games than being on the fence. You should also be aware that my entire experience with TSW sums up to 24 hours. But at the bottom line I don’t think that I will care to buy and subscribe to it. Its personal and I will try to explain a bit more about that decision after the cut.

Here is a quick overview with numbers: (on a 1 to 10 scale; where 10 is best and 1 worst)

  • Character creation: 7
  • Visuals & environment: 8
  • Skill system: 8
  • Combat: 7
  • Questing & game play: 6

I must have seen very little of the game. A tiny bit of what must be a very big and deep story. I have to be careful here. So take my review with a grain of salt. But its nearing release and thats as much as I have in order to make a personal decision. And here I am sharing with you. Please be sure to leave a comment below to share your own take and even better why you think TSW is a worthy monthly subscription.

I found character creation and then character animation in game to be average. Nothing amazing nor disturbing. I know people have went against TSW regarding its animation. I for one just think that its ok. Its nothing to drive me away and even if was the best of the best, it wouldn’t have been enough to keep me interested.

The visuals and environments are nice. I liked the beginning area of Kingsmouth and the atmosphere is pretty appropriate to the genre. Cut scenes were well done, and I didn’t mind watching most of them. The maps are big and I found it to my liking. Overall I would say a plus in the big picture.

The skill system was surely a step in a positive direction. I managed to get a hold of it very quickly and could see a lot of potential in going forward with it. The drawback there was that I was sure that people could make really bad choices with their skills combinations. Bad choices which would surely make some people struggle with the game. We are not made equal and to some, especially those without much MMO or RPG experience, this could be a show stopper down the road. So although I had no trouble with the system, I don’t think that it is meant for the masses as is yet. I would recommend some system to help articulate the pluses and minuses of each selected deck, in addition to Funcom’s current attempt to promote certain pre made decks. Moreover, I had expected more categories of skills per a weapon type. Where today they have merely 2 skill categories (trees) per weapon, I would say that 4 or 5 of them would have made me much more interested.

Getting to combat, I found the game ok. I had big worries in the back of my head about it. Especially about the fact that it did not seem to be so intelligent. But I will just assume it was that way due to me being so N00b and without a full deck. I wonder if at later stages it still looked like a big skill routines like in TOR. For me an interesting combat involves strategy, timing, movement and cooperation (see my post about the GW2 combat). I know TSW has some of that such as positioning and movement. But I am not sure that it can truly answer everything on my list there. Overall, it seemed ok, and it wasn’t a showstopper. Your comments on this aspect of the game would be really appreciated.

And now to the final facet of TSW which is the questing and game play. This is actually where I lost interest. To be honest it took me 3 hours to get to that point. And it did not change till I logged out and deleted the game today. It has a traditional quest log, with only 6 slots. The game play involves a ton of clicking, which I dislike. A ton of get X to location Y. And tiny yellow areas to click in order to achieve your goals. Combat alone will get you nowhere – I think. Again that is my experience. And it is very frustrating to me now to see people running next to me being able to activate a quest, and me not being able to equally share it, just because its theirs. GW2 probably ruined this type of game play for me forever now. Much like Tera, questing – game play and advancement were my breaking point. And much like Tera I have removed TSW from my hard drive.

It will be fun to many, I am sure. And I encourage you to try it out on your own if you have the time. Beta keys are out there and the game still runs the current beta till Monday. But for me the bottom line is that I don’t think that I will buy and sub to TSW. Please leave your opinions and comments below.

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7 Responses to My Short Run with TSW – Temporary Conclusion [already updated in newer posts]

  1. Littlebro says:

    Hello there. Ive read your post about what you think and i respect how each person got there opinion and there interests! Theres not been many bugs, the gameplay is awesome, the graphics looks nice, the quest system also works good, had some problems at first but after a while you see the potentiel of the questing system, that you need to do some thinking aswell. I want you too look at this video…good first impressions and how it all works, before saying no so soon, take a look at this, the amazing features in the dungeons Polaris and hells raized is awesome aswell. Enjoy!

  2. Mmos says:

    Its an mmorpg. What type of questing were you looking for then? Wow fetch 10 of these , kill 10 centaurs. Gw2 is the same just hidden in a dynamic event

    • werewood says:

      In GW2 these usually feel (with some exceptions) in my opinion like mini games. But most quests involve something more than kill 10 rats. Its with other people and have more interesting objectives. Also you do not maintain quest log. See my previous posts for my rumbling concerning quests …

  3. Den says:

    Sorry, but you really didn’t try the questing enough IMO. I’m an MMO slut as well, and this has been one of the few games where quests caught my eye due to mechanics and even *gasp* challenges outside of combat! The one thing WoW can still do is quests, and TSW is on par with that. It takes some thinking from time to time, and since there’s no hard levels, you get to find out the hard way if a quest is appropriate for you or not. The investigation quests are especially interesting since they test real world knowledge, ranging from music to riddles (and from what I’ve heard, mythology as well).

    • werewood says:

      I guess that its just not my personal cup of tea so to speak, but I can definitely see others like it a lot. Thanks for dropping this comment, I surely don’t want to sound as if my personal take is the only way looking at questing.

  4. Normal Fella says:

    WOW Another GW2 FANBOY doesnt like questing so why are u still playing mmo’s?

    • werewood says:

      Will revise my TSW review soon. But questing can be made in many ways. I am GW2 fanboy. But I also pre-ordered TSW eventually. Its ok to express opinions. Goes for both of us.

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