Personal Opinion – GW2 Needs a Release Date

I really respect ArenaNet for releasing the game “when its ready”. And the amount of effort they have put into this MMO is evident to anyone who fiddled with the beta. But as time moves forward, months soon from the point where we pre-purchased, with 2 BWE marks on our belt, and especially a sense that the game is almost flawless by some of us after the latest beta weekend … I am beginning to think that its counterproductive for ArenaNet not to have a release date by now. My point is that hype and community spotlight is something that peaks and may be harder now to maintain. I have no doubt that the game will be / is already the game that will lead the pack for the next few years. But what ANet needs now  is a release date, and something for the fans to hang on to in order to maintain the hype and lead to even bigger revenues.

Just my 2cp. Do you think GW2 is ready? Do you think its ready enough for a release date?

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