TSW Needs Deck Validation AI

Just a humble opinion based on my recent run with TSW. I love the way they publish new pre-made decks recently and I like the way you can test them in-game before going out to combat. But I think that there is still one component missing which is an AI that would take a look at your selected skills / deck and give you an automatic feedback. It shouldn’t be too fancy and I don’t see it being a big issue to implement. Basically the same guidelines and considerations that make the more proficient players grade a deck could be applied here as well. E.g. the AI could grade your deck lower based on whether skills don’t combine well – like using different types of resources. But I am sure that the dev team can really shine here with more options and ideas. People could still use whatever deck they want, but an AI grading your deck from a pure technical perspective, is a great way to bring new comers up to speed. Also it could be so cool to allow the community to come up with some scripts to evaluate decks! What do you think?

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