D3 is not Designed for “Fun”

I posted few weeks ago about how D3 is a good pass time. And it was. In the early days while working out the normal levels I found D3 to be entertaining and rewarding. Then came the nightmare level and the game became a chore. After reading yesterday’s GW2 blog about “fun” playing, I realized that D3 just wasn’t designed for my kind of fun. Please let me explain after the cut.

D3 has so many faults. Firstly you have the nonsense about online presence with solo game play. But lets leave that aside. Really, if that was the only problem I wouldn’t even bother posting here about it. For me the game just demonstrates laziness and the opposite of what I would expect to be rich content. In a way its the most obvious indication for a lack of content as the core concept is about repeating the game a few times! Sure, as you get to the higher level of difficulty the game has more events and more content. But there is no way that anyone can convince me that its becoming more interesting. If you don’t kid yourself, its simply boring and insulting! At least for me. I expected a game that was in development for so long, to be able to give me these 4 levels of difficulty through a flow of unrepeatable content. Heck Blizzard, look at Bethesda’s Skyrim and Fallout just as an example. Content is King and as much as the first run was fun, D3 is failing measurably on that department.

The other facet of the game that is just horrible – for me – is the fact that the game is designed to be hard, we are expected to grind, and in most cases the only way to get anywhere is through an AH and eventually maybe a real life cash shop. This is in my view an abomination. I have to grind and grind and grind to get to the fun parts? Well I can see how companies still do that. But they should take a page from the ArenaNet book. I refuse to participate in such a humiliating game play. Its eventually not fun for me to repeat. And making the game so much more harder, is not fun either. The critics will say that I am not up for the challenge. But there is a fine line here that Blizzard crossed for the sake of promoting their AH and real money transactions.

Then I also find some of the classes to be unbalanced. Ranged I think is so much more easier. But that is probably beside the point I was trying to make here. Overall, D3 is not something I recommend anymore. Blizzard is now on my “disappointment” list. Please share with us your opinions.

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2 Responses to D3 is not Designed for “Fun”

  1. Jed P says:

    I think I totally agree.. I just don’t like the grind. It all feels wholly not worth it to me. At least a game like WoW there are other “distractions” to keep me busy.. this game does not have that!

  2. Ngamok says:

    Dungeon Defenders is somewhat the same thing in terms of grind. When they released the Nightmare beta mode, you pretty much had to have really good stats in your towers to even make it anywhere. Now people rocking 2k+ stats in towers blow through everything and adapt when the new Nightmare mode mob comes out.

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